New Users
1 Log on to
2.Click on Sign Up
3 In the register tab ,kindly provide your details,Select I am a Customer and click on Register


Existing Users
i.) Log on to
ii.) Click on Log In
iii.) In Login section ,kindly provide your login details and click on Login

To place Orders
1.) From the homepage select a category and add products to your cart
2.) Selected items will be in the cart and click on Checkout



3.) From the checkout page you can select the quantity of each produce , click on update cart once done

4. Populate the billing details

To Order using Cash on Delivery
5. Select Cash on Deliver
6. Select I read and accept terms and conditions
7. Select Place order

Order Completed

To pay via our secure online payment platform
8. Select Debit/Credit cards
9. select I read and accept terms and conditions
10. Select Place order
11. Provide card details
Order Completed

For additional support click here to visit our support page